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The Portfolio Allocation tab is used to set portfolio target percentages for asset class (cash, fixed income, US stocks, international stocks, and other). These targets are then used by Investment Account Manager to identify possible portfolio rebalancing. If users have created pre-defined global model allocations, use the drop down arrow to select the appropriate Model Allocation for the current portfolio. Use the Reset to Model button to reset the current portfolio model allocations to a specific pre-defined allocation benchmark.

The Allocation Rebalancing Level 1 Report indicates a portfolio(s) current allocation by asset class (cash, fixed income, US stocks, international stocks, and other) in relation to the targeted goals for the selected portfolio(s). The Allocation Rebalancing Level 1 Report can also be printed showing summaries by Asset Class, or can be printed to Show Report Details showing the individual security details by asset class. These additional drill-down details help you identify specific issues that might be helpful in rebalancing decisions.

The Portfolio Performance Comparison Report illustrates and compares the growth of $100 for the selected portfolio, benchmark indices, and benchmark portfolio. Users can create this report, using stored performance returns, for pre-defined or custom periods. This comparison report provides the time weighted rate of return by geometrically linking interim (sub period) returns.

The Managed Assets tab summarizes important details for multiple portfolios being monitored in Investment Account Manager. Itemized by portfolio / portfolio group, this tab shows each portfolio's costs and market values. Also included is the unrealized gain/loss, % gain/loss, estimated income for all assets held in a portfolio, and the estimated current income yield for the portfolio.

The Batch Reporting feature allows users to produce a series of reports for a selected list of portfolios. Users can define which portfolios to include, and what reports, for specific time periods. User can customize and save batch setups for future, recurring use.

Download IAM Professional