QUANT IX SOFTWARE, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Investment Account Manager 3 for Individual use.

We're confident you'll find the new IAM3 Individual version our best release yet, filled with new features and improvements, including suggestions from users such as yourself. A few of the more notable improvements include:

All users of Investment Account Manager 2 Individual version, with active support policies, qualify for a free upgrade to the new IAM3 Individual version! Simply download the new trial version of Investment Account Manager 3 individual. Once installed, and after exploring IAM3 individual, you can easily convert your existing IAM2 Individual version data. Please note: support renewals for IAM2 are no longer available.

Installing Investment Account Manager 3
Follow these steps for downloading a demo of IAM3. Note: when you are ready to convert your current IAMv2 data, as long as your current IAM2 is up-to-date with active support, the IAM3 demo will convert to a full version!

  1. Download the new IAMv3 demo.

  2. Once downloaded, install the new IAMv3 demo, using the default locations as provided during the installation process.

  3. Once installed, start the IAMv3 demo.

  4. Spend time using the provided sample IAM3 data to:

    • Review new features, including the new home page layout

    • Make sample entries in the new ledger system using the provided sample portfolios.

    • Test as you like to get a good feel for IAMv3.

    • When you are ready, close the IAMv3 demo, and proceed with the remaining steps below....

Converting IAM2 data to IAM3
Prior to converting your IAM2 data to IAM3, we recommend making a backup of your current IAM2 data.

  1. Start your copy of IAM2, and use the file menu | backup data choice | backing up your data to a removable drive.

  2. Close IAM2.

When you are ready, you can then convert your existing IAM2 data to IAM3. Note: your IAM2 data will remain unchanged and intact for continued use in IAM2 to shadow entry activity while using IAM3.

  1. Start the IAM3 demo.

  2. Select the file menu | convert IAM2 Individual into IAM3 Individual.

  3. Select the OK button when prompted to continue with the conversion of your IAM2 individual data into IAM3 Individual version.

  4. If you used the original default location for your IAM2 installation, your portfolios should be listed for conversion. Select the 'Convert Now' button.

    • Note:  If you did not use the original default location for IAM2, use the 'Directory' button to locate the installation directory for your current copy of IAM2, and then select the \Data folder. Your portfolios should be listed for conversion. Select the 'Convert Now' button.

  5. All existing portfolio data will be migrated to IAM3, and IAM3 will be activated to a full version, provided your IAM2 support is up-to-date and active.

If your IAM2 support has expired, once you have installed and converted your existing IAM2 data into IAM3, you can order support renewal codes for IAM3 to convert the demo to a full version.

Thank you for your continued use of Investment Account Manager. We appreciate you as a customer, and are confident you'll find IAM3 Individual version even more helpful in successfully managing your investment portfolio(s).

Matt and Peter Willms