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The founders of QUANT IX SOFTWARE Inc., the developer of the Investment Account Manager software programs, have been registered and regulated investment advisors since the 1980s. As such, we instinctively developed (since 1985) an investment management software program incorporating the fiduciary rule principal in its design and features. This important distinction is yet another reason why our customers know we always put their welfare first. And as you'll gather from the results listed below from our recent survey, we've been successful in building long-term relationships with our users that have found IAM3 Individual our best release yet for successfully managing their investment portfolios.

The chart below illustrates user replies to "How many years have you been using IAM3 Individual or a predecessor program?" We are thankful for our long-time users (60% > than 10+ years), with some users selecting the 'other - write in' option to indicate they've been with us for over 30+ years!

The chart below illustrates user replies to "How many investment portfolio accounts do you manage in IAM3 Individual?" It seems clear most of our users are using IAM3 to track multiple portfolios, including nearly 30% of our users tracking in excess of 7+ portfolios. IAM3 is an ideal tool for unified account management.

The chart below illustrates user replies to "What is the cumulative value of the assets under management you are tracking within IAM3 Individual?" It's rewarding to know our users are well represented across a wide spectrum of total portfolio(s) values, and that IAM3 is proving to be a valuable tool in helping our users manage their wealth for long-term success!

The chart below illustrates user replies to "Which features do you find most helpful in managing your investment account(s)?" Accurate transaction accounting, detailed reporting, and managing multiple portfolios are most helpful to our users. Also included are the comprehensive tax planning tools and allocation rebalancing features. As our users have learned, IAM3 Individual offers a comprehensive set of features to better manage their investment account(s).

The chart below illustrates user replies to "If you download your investment data, which financial institution(s) do you use?" Investment Account Manager supports automatic, secure downloads from many leading brokers, including these as shown below.

The chart below illustrates user replies to "How many stars would you award IAM3 Individual (5 highest, 1 lowest)?" Since 1985, we have been providing award-winning, affordable investment software, focused on providing comprehensive, effective and easy to use features. And for those times when users do have questions on using IAM3 Individual, we're glad to know we're providing timely, helpful technical support!

The list below is just a sampling from our request to users to share a testimony on their use of Investment Account Manager. We received a lengthy list of replies, with many accolades for the functionality, accuracy, longevity, and our outstanding technical support. We're confident you too would form similar opinions if you started using IAM3 Individual to help you track your personal investments!