The demo version for Investment Account Manager 3 Individual is no longer available since we are nearing the release of Investment Account Manager 4 Individual. If you please complete the form below, providing your name and email address, we will send you a notice when the free 60 day demo version of IAMv4 is available. We appreciate your patience and thank you for your interest.

If you are a current user of Investment Account Manager 3 Individual and are looking to reinstall for use on a new computer, please also complete the form below, providing your current user id. We will verify your current registration and send to you a direct link to the prior v3 demo for reinstallation purposes.

If any additional questions, please call our technical support team: 262-241-3990

"I've used your program for many years and you've always been great in responding to any problems I've encountered. Thanks for providing such an excellent product for individual investors!"
"Investment Account Manager is an incredibly easy way to track your investments, dividend income and cost basis for tax planning. A very intuitive tool."
"I've found IAM to be one of the best tools for managing accounts held at different brokers. IAM allows me to work with different accounts without having to switch between broker accounts, saving me a lot of time."