Quicken® Import Function

The developers of Investment Account Manager have included in IAM an import feature for Quicken® QIF files. This import feature allows the conversion of most investment transactions from a Quicken 98 (Quicken Interchange Format QIF) file or later into the Investment Account Manager.

PDF Download a PDF of the Investment Account Manager / Quicken import process.

Note: if you are using another application that is able to create files matching the Quicken Interchange Format (QIF) file structure, these too can be imported. However, you must verify the file structure is the same and that activities such as stock splits are properly listed in the QIF file. It should be noted that QIF files exported from Microsoft Money® do not contain the necessary information for stock splits, thereby making the QIF import limited for accuracy.

Investment Account Manager will convert the following Quicken transaction types:

The following Quicken transaction types are currently not converted, and will be listed on the QIF Import Exception Report, if included in the QIF file: