Unified Account Management

Taxable Account
  • Annual tax consequences for all income
  • Estate considerations
  • Accumulation, distribution or gifting phase
  • Different types of IRAs require different investment strategies
  • Alternatives provide both advantages and disadvantages
  • Accumulation or distribution phase
  • Identify which IRA is the preferred account for each investment type
Taxable Account 2
  • Other taxable accounts, including those held at different financial institutions
  • Spousal accounts, trust accounts, children accounts
Portfolio Management
  • Investment strategy: market trading, passive investing, fundamental analysis, technical analysis
  • Asset classes: Cash, bonds, stocks, funds, options, real estate, others
  • Asset Allocation: tactical re-balancing decisions based on changing market conditions versus annual re-balancing to re-align portfolios
Advice and Investor Resources
  • Investment research and analytics
  • Professional investments advice
  • "Cocktail party chatter"
Portfolio Goals
  • Growth, income or balanced
  • Risk vs. return trade-offs
Risk Tolerance
  • Emotional temperment
  • Age / time horizen
  • Sources of wealth and income
  • Liquidity, marketability
United Account Management
  • When I review my investment accounts can I do so in both a specific, as well as, collective way?
  • Are my investment accounts constructed to meet my risk and return profile, both individually and collectively?
  • Are my investment decisions considering the many dynamic tax implications associated with multiple portfolios?
  • When I rebalance my portfolios, do I realign my portfolios in a manner that optimizes my overall performance, while minimizing my overall risk?
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