Providing Essential Tools to Thousands of Satisfied Independent Investors.

"I have been using IAM and its predecessor for many years. It is a cornerstone of my value based, buy and hold investment program. I use it to keep track of cost basis by lot. Periodically, I use it to compare my results with the major market indexes and to rebalance and re-adjust my strategy. I use the tie-in to Yahoo! Finance to keep up with the daily market changes. I have multiple separate portfolios between a self-directed IRA, Simple IRA and individually owned taxable accounts for myself and my wife, and am able to combine them as if one portfolio for analysis, etc. I highly recommend your software for any serious investor." - John C.

"Thank you for your prompt response. I did not realize how long I have used your software until I was looking through emails from you. You have been a great help in my investing life and could not have done it without you. Keep up the great work!"

"Every time I use IAM I am glad I have it. I have so many accounts and different types of investments, I wouldn't be able to keep track of them without your program. You answer my questions quickly too. Thank you." - Barbara F.

"I love your product. You are the only PC software product that I found I still wanted to keep after moving to a MAC. All others didn't make the cut. So, I am happy that I can use the demo approach and then load my file and license on to my basic PC, which I maintain just because of your product and only for your product!" - Marc G.

"I've used your program for many years and you've always been great in responding to any problems I've encountered. Thanks for providing such an excellent product for individual investors!"

"I have been happy with your program from the start when I received it on a big floppy disk called NAIC Portfolio Record Keeper and your updates have been very timely. I have problems with using a computer as I went to school long before they started teaching computer use. Your technical support team has always gone above and beyond in helping this old dummy keep up to date, especially with stock splits and spin-offs. I am happy with what the program, now called Investment Account Manger, does and so is my tax account. Thank you!" - Bill S.

"I have been using IAM for over 10 years to help keep track of my 3 different stock portfolios. All the information that this software program provides is extremely timely, useful, and concise. The developers of IAM have always been very helpful whenever I needed assistance. They have answered my emails almost immediately - and even on the weekends. Where else can you get that kind of service in this day and time? I know they have many businesses and other clients that are much more important for their business than an 81 year old grandmother. Kudos and praises to a software company that cares about their customers." - Wanda I.

"I really appreciate the power of your product now that I am starting to utilize more of the capabilities, especially with the portfolio analysis reports. Using your product, we are really starting to understand just what we own and how we can optimize. Keep up the good work."

"I am not noted for throwing complements around but I have to say, you people are the best. I have used IAM for about a year. This is an excellent program and very reasonably priced. I have been especially impressed by the prompt and accurate support, a rarity." - Richard S.

"IAM is a very nice piece of software. It seems to be producing what I am looking for and is much, much, much better than Quicken. Your advice in getting my multiple mutual fund providers correctly set up was appreciated and works. Thanks again." - Ron M.

"Hi Guys: I can't tell you how many times IAM has beaten the pro's. I have owned IAM (going all the way back to PRK) for many years. Over that time, I have switched brokers on several occasions. Each time the IAM Cost Basis Summary/Lots Reports has been accepted without hesitation by all the different brokerage houses. And, how important is that especially with brokerage houses now responsible for keeping track of your portfolio's cost basis - as mandated by federal law! With IAM, I am able to catch mistakes/omissions to my cost basis (and # of shares held) immediately. And, how many people remember those slight adjustments to our cost basis from the Y2K computer resets? And, I was able to stand my ground with several banks that offer "back office" logistics for several of my mutual funds - which I have had for over 25 years. With the detailed reports I generated from IAM, I stood my ground and won. (STT and Bank of NY/Mellon) (There was one mutual fund that tried to tell me that they lost my cost basis info because the info got lost when they transferred to another bank to do their back office record keeping!) And, I can have confidence in trading options knowing that IAM does that as well. Can't wait to see how the brokerage houses handle that next year! And, think of all the money I saved by doing my own record keeping - and not having to hire a financial planner to do it for me. Yeah, I'm a fan. You wont get rid of me. Thanks Matt and Pete. And, thanks for handling my customer support calls as well." - Nick D.

"IAM is a powerful program, with enough standard report features to satisfy almost any inquiry, and the flexibility and customization necessary to do almost anything else." - Adam G.

"I have compared your product with a couple other portfolio management programs, and this one is by far the best I have tried. I was particularly impressed last evening when I was entering the monthly updates to our retirement accounts. In PSM, this would take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours and involved a lot of extra keyboard entries and the associated typing errors. The IAM transaction screen is so convenient to use, I finished the entire process in about 45 minutes! That's worth the price of admission alone. Thanks for all your help. I'll be purchasing a product key as soon as I get the chance to get on your website. Thanks. " - Dale K.

"We used Investment Account Manager some years ago and liked it very much. That was back before computerized trading made a joke of picking and investing in well-managed growth companies. Then the "Bubble & Crash" injected so much water into the system the stock market looked like a Thanksgiving turkey and required several years to wring out the excess. We went to the sidelines long ago, licking our wounds. Now we have managed to scrape together a few dollars and decided to try IAM again as a way of tracking everything. I am just as impressed as I was before and am glad you have managed to survive and, I hope, prosper." - Walter S.

"It sure is a good thing that I have used IAM over the years because I have discovered that my brokerage statements are not accurate. My broker reports the monthly transactions well enough but evidently does not record the details, resulting in inaccurate data on a cumulative basis. For example, the broker reports that I made $2,500 on one fund when it actually produced a $7,500 loss." - Ron I.

"Thanks for the immediate response. Have used the program and its predecessors for over 10 years and love it." - Quentin F.

"I was successful in transferring 30 years worth of CapTool records to IAM. In the process I learned a lot about IAM. I like what I see!" - Bob S.

"Investment Account Manager is simply fabulous for someone like me who trades often and is trying to manage a 401K, brokerage account, etc. I have never seen you advertised in Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities or other trading oriented publications but you might have an audience there. I should also mention that I am a former (up until I retired last year) Director of Financial Performance for a Fortune 500 company. I did a fairly thorough search of what was in the marketplace last spring before settling on your application. I bought three products and demoed several others. None came close to what you have developed. Feel free to use any of this if it could help." - Scott C.

"Thank you for your support, you have a great program." - John S.

"Many thanks for the quick response! You were correct and the steps you gave me resolved the issue. Your help is most appreciated, as is your program. I have been a user for quite some time and have been very impressed with it. I was using it before it became Investment Account Manager and am still quite impressed with it. Again, thank you very much for your quick response and your support." - Tom B.

"Thank you for helping. You are the best software company I have had to deal with even when we only had it on basic and floppies." - Bill S.

"I appreciate the excellent program and also the work involved in developing, marketing and maintaining the product. Take care guys. And keep up the excellent work." - Tim Z.

"I'm so pleased to have IAM, and I use it zealously to record and track our investments. And I'm just as pleased with the excellent customer service! Thanks!" - Ruth Ann G.

"After trying the demo version of IAM on several portfolios for the last 3 weeks, I am going to buy it. I found the program easy to learn and friendly. The reports are clear and easy to use/understand but yet powerful. When I had questions, technical support answered the phone and gave me a clear answer. When I had a difficult issue, they immediately put me in-touch with the developer and the issue was resolved in a day. It is good to know that some firms still strive for customer satisfaction and reach that goal. I would recommend this software." - Ron S.

"Thanks for all your help and for such a wonderful program. Certainly you can use my comments on your website. A program, and support, that works as well as yours does is rare. People need to know about it." - Jim S.

"I have to say I really think your support is outstanding. Thanks for responding so quickly, and, even on a Sunday. IAM is a great product." - Roy M.

"IAM has worked well. Kept track of portfolio positions and kept me out of trouble with tax authorities. What more does one need?" - Luke S.

"I first bought your system some 20 years ago. Congratulations on your continued success." - Jeff W.

"IAM is a fabulous program. You can't imagine how often I go to it for information." - Henry A.

"IAM is great. It's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for a great product." - Gerard K.

"I still love your software and use it daily. Thanks for a great program." - Barbara S.

"Thanks for creating such an excellent and enduring product. I'm a complete fan and, if I last that long, want to be able to continue tracking investment transactions with your product for another 20+ years." - Penny H.

"For many years I have used Portfolio Record Keeper and now Investment Account Manager. It has been a tremendous one stop resource for all my transactions, especially helpful at tax time, and kept me focused on returns and Portfolio allocation." - Martha P.

"I am a longtime user of your investment software program. It is a very useful bit of software, and saves me tons of time at tax time each year. Thanks for the great support over the years, keep this good thing going. Regards." - Michael K.

"FANTASTIC PROGRAM!! I just downloaded the Fidelity December statements; cleaned up all family accounts, imported fidelity transactions, and my year-end stuff is COMPLETE, and ACCURATE!! FANTASTIC!!" - Nick S.

"I have used this program to consolidate and maintain all my investment data since it was offered through the Better Investing organization....and would be lost without it." - Hugh B.

"Love the Program. I think I have been using it for 15 years and maybe 20." - Robert T.

"I've used your software since you had the old DOS 1.0 version with NAIC. I use it to record every transaction in my portfolios. Then I monitor my overall asset allocation closely. The addition of asset allocation reports was one of your best upgrades to the program. Thanks for the help." - Dale H.

"This is my favorite software." - Doug L.

"I've used this software since bout 2004 and I find it to be the best out there for what I need. I really think your software is great." - Diane M.

"Thanks for your always prompt answers! When I'm working on my investment accounts and get stuck, to have to wait a couple of days for an answer would be frustrating and anxiety producing. You've been there with prompt answers so I can keep moving ahead. Your turn-around time answering questions is a model for all other companies. Keep up the fantastic work!" - Joan L.

"I have used your product for many years and it's the great user support that keeps me coming back." - Ron S.

"December 2010 was a major financial milestone as our portfolio cracked $1,000,000 and my wife and I near retirement. We have been using QUANT IX software continuously since 1997, originally to keep up with 4 DRIP investments (McDonalds, Coke, Hope Depot and G.E.). We now use Investment Account Manager to manage in excess of 50 holdings including stocks, mutual funds, REIT's, closed end funds, etf's, limited partnerships, puts, calls, and leaps totaling $1,014,008. IAM handles all transactions perfectly. IAM was a major contributor to our success:
Thank you for creating, enhancing and maintaining a great product." - Larry P.

"You have developed a truly great product that has helped me immensely with my investments and the understanding of my specific portfolio performance / characteristics."
- J. Lewis

"Investment Account Manager is terrific. You've saved me a ton of work with some very creaky spreadsheets!"
- Ted P.

"I am really pleased with my decision to move from Microsoft Money Plus to Investment Account Manager 2.0. The quality of information on my investments provides vastly improved visibility into my portfolio. It's the best of both worlds - quality analytics and a great price with superb support. The staff at QUANT IX could not have been more helpful as I converted almost 20 years of data to IAM."
- Ray A., CPA - Dallas TX

"The conversion from Captool to IAM worked well after I resolved my conversion issues and I have now moved 20 years of data to a working system! Glad to see Captool go - such an albatross! IAM operation is much smoother. Thanks for your help."
- Janet H

"IAM shows your complete financial details in seconds. The program allows one to generate numerous investment reports to monitor ones holdings. The ability to download transactions from selected brokerages and import from Quicken files is a big time-saver. What sold me on IAM is its low price and full 60 day trial period."
- Walt S

"I began investing in 1969. My records were kept on a spreadsheet I developed. Three months ago, I downloaded the trial version of Investment Account Manager. Wow! This was my first experience with a relational database manager crafted by people who really understand the records needed by investors. Everything is there. Being so complete, it takes some learning, but IAM support is outstanding. Looking back, I should have grown with the program over the last 20 years. Most of the details are automated, but where it is not automatic, provisions are included to satisfy any accountant."
- E. Chiampi

"Thank you for an excellent portfolio tool. Investment Account Manager is a fabulous product."
- K. Kotlarchyk

"I just wanted to send a quick year-end note on Investment Account Manager. I am starting my third year using the product and it has helped me tremendously. When I was evaluating various products I did not see anything that could rival its features and price. Two years of use have confirmed this in my mind. It allows me to measure my returns across multiple time periods and keeps me from biasing my decisions based on one or two "winners" or "losers". The few times I have needed tech support I have spoken directly to someone that guided me through the fix very quickly and all my upgrades have been seamless. I look forward to using the product in 2009. Thanks again."
- E. Anderson, CFA

"I demoed a prior version of Investment Account Manager in the past, and never felt that it outshined Quicken enough to justify buying it. With the release of IAM version 2 and the many improvements, I finally made the jump to purchase the program. Thanks!"
- A. Cree

"I have been Using IAM since it first came out. Really like the ability to download transactions from Schwab. Have junked Quicken and all its problems. Great job with IAM - love it."
- J. Willis

"Thanks again for a great program and stellar tech support."
- J. Browney

"I do appreciate IAM and it does work with Vista. I must thank you. With assets at four places, it helps to have one place it comes together, particularly when deciding which stocks to buy or sell and at tax time."
- T. Loftus

"I have been using Investment Account Manager (IAM) to track all my securities that I purchase on monthly basis. I find the interface very clean and data entry is extremely simple. The software is inexpensive and I do not believe there is anything like it on the market. I highly recommended it."
- C. Changoor

"I love this program."
- K. W. Shropshire

"Just wanted to say how much I believe this program is helping me with all the various aspects of investing. You guys put together a great program! I would also like to say that your customer service easily rates five plus stars. Can't tell you how impressive your helpful and timely responses have been in helping me understand and enjoy your products."
- W. Harmon

"This is the best portfolio management software I have seen."
- James Y.

"What I have seen in v2.0 is FANTASTIC!!! ... a great set of upgrades and I don't think I've scratched the surface yet! I really am impressed with the changes."
- M. Eckman

"Using IAM 2.0, I can pull together in one place information on several diverse portfolios and get the allocation, performance, and tax data I need. All with more accuracy and far less manipulation than before! In all, software that does what you want, the way you want."
- E. Dey