Sample Reports

To see a sample of the IAM generated reports please open this PDF PDF.

Appraisal Report
The Appraisal - Current Value Report accumulates and values a portfolio, or combination of portfolios, based on the market prices and reporting period selected.
Allocation by Asset Type Report
To meet long-term investment goals, most investors will need to maintain a well-balanced portfolio of stocks, bonds, cash and other investments. The Portfolio Allocation by Asset Class Report identifies rebalancing needs for a portfolio based on user defined portfolio allocation targets and current portfolio allocation weights.
Holdings Summary Graph
Holdings Summary Graph illustrates the percent each issue represents of the total portfolio market value.
Income Received Report
The Income Received Report tracks the investment income and capital gain distributions received by securities in your portfolio. Income activity can be filtered by user-defined date range.
Sold Securities Report
The Sold Securities Report compiles important information regarding the sales of securities for a given portfolio. Sales activity can be filtered by user-defined date range, and is separated based on Short Term Activity or Long Term Activity.
Portfolio Summary Report
The Portfolio Summary Report compiles portfolio transaction activity for a user-defined period, and derives the internal rate of return for the period.