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See what our customers are saying about Investment Account Manager... We continually survey our users, requesting suggestions for improving Investment Account Manager, and to send to us any testimonies they might like to share on their use of IAM. Provided here is a sampling of testimonies we have received, categorized by topics. We're confident you'll be impressed!

Portfolio Management: Become well-organized investors, empowered to make more educated portfolio management decisions...

"IAM does everything I need to manage a number of accounts; it is quite intuitive; it handles large amounts of data so I don't worry even though I have more than 28 different accounts with all their transaction going back many years; the income summaries and basis data are so helpful in preparing my taxes."
"IAM has been an invaluable tool for me to keep track of multiple brokerage accounts each holding numerous types of securities. It has allowed me to maintain a comprehensive summary of assets across all of my accounts."
"I have used this program for several years as my primary investment management tool. Other programs have not had the versatility or breadth of coverage. The customer support is solid."
"Investment Account Manager is really the only viable option I've found for tracking my portfolio across numerous online accounts."
"IAM is the most wonderful tool I have in my investment toolbox. I keep track of multiple portfolios and it is so much easier to use than what I was using before (Quicken). I can get reports for one or all of my portfolios to get a broad overview of all our investments. Inputting the data is so easy and quick each month that I no longer dread the task or put it off. The reports are helpful and cover just about every kind of issue I need from predictive to end of the year. My accountant loves all the information I can give her each year from these reports. I reconcile each portfolio each month in just minutes. I highly recommend IAM!"
"I have kept my eye out over the years whenever there is a printed review of portfolio management software. I can say unequivocally that there is not a better all-around portfolio management software program out there today. IAM handles everything... even those esoteric transactions that no one thinks about talking about in the media. And, Quicken is not sophisticated enough to handle the transactions as seamlessly as IAM. IAM is a GEM!"
"IAM has been extremely helpful to me in personally managing stock and fund portfolios over the past 10-15 years. It has made tax preparation easy and helped with asset allocation. I've found it valuable enough to purchase copies for my son and son-in-law."
"Investment Account Manager helps me manage my accounts is a manner that helps me know when to buy or sell. I have 76 issues in my various accounts and the notices about predetermined markers help me to manage outcomes. I make slightly less than 100 trades in a year."
"This is the best portfolio management program I have used it my 30+years of investing. I would recommend IAM to anyone with a portfolio of any size."
"This is the best portfolio management software I have seen."
"IAM puts me in a position of strength as the CEO of my investment "company". I especially love the year-end reports to see how I've done vs. the professionals or the S&P. IAM reports cover so many aspects of portfolio management! Keep up the good work!"
"IAM is an excellent tool for keeping track of my investments' performance, for projecting income and for creating reports on almost anything I want to know in almost any form I would want to know it."
"I would highly recommend Investment Account Manager as a helpful tool for keeping track of your investments."
"Investment Account Manager is incredibly easy way to track your investments, dividend income and cost basis for tax planning, a very intuitive tool."
"As an individual investor, I haven't found a better program for monitoring my various accounts and Investment Account Manager is invaluable for keeping a running account of dividends and cap gains - so critical to one's estimated tax payments and year-end tax planning."
"I don't know what I would do without it. IAM helps me track and plan my investments. Even though my funds are limited and I am electronically challenged, it works for me. I believe it is a valuable tool for everyone regardless of the size or complexity of accounts. It works well for businesses and individuals."
"IAM is a great program for an individual investor to monitor their investments."

Track and Manage Multiple Portfolios: You'll discover many comprehensive features that save time and help you to avoid mistakes, all the while leading to better portfolio management decisions...

"I've found IAM to be a versatile and affordable platform for managing multiple investment accounts, with prompt and personalized support. It's my go-to tool for keeping track of investments and planning."
"IAM provides me the ability to manage multiple household portfolios. I like the extensive library of reports for my analysis wants & needs."
"I have used IAM for years and have found this program indispensable for research and accounting. It has given me independence by combining different brokerage houses and given me an integral picture of all my portfolios. I have a lot of peace of mind."
"After a career as a portfolio manager at a major bank trust department, I found IAM to be a good tool for analyzing portfolios individually and a great tool for aggregating several portfolios in order to see the "big picture." Downloading information from brokerages has been easy and accurate. The various reports are good, but there are probably more than most people need. Support is great and very quick to respond to inquiries. Overall, if you have more than one investment account, then you should have IAM. It is well worth the price and the annual maintenance fee."
"I have been using IAM and its predecessor for many years. It is a cornerstone of my value based, buy and hold investment program. I use it to keep track of cost basis by lot. Periodically, I use it to compare my results with the major market indexes and to rebalance and re-adjust my strategy. I use the tie-in to Yahoo! Finance to keep up with the daily market changes. I have multiple separate portfolios between a self-directed IRA, Simple IRA and individually owned taxable accounts for myself and my wife, and am able to combine them as if one portfolio for analysis, etc. I highly recommend your software for any serious investor."
"IAM is an excellent value and a great tool for managing and monitoring multiple portfolios."
"Using IAM, I can pull together in one place information on several diverse portfolios and get the allocation, performance, and tax data I need. All with more accuracy and far less manipulation than before! In all, software that does what you want, the way you want."
"I am much more able to manage my multiple portfolios with IAM than by using my brokerage accounts alone. I highly recommend using IAM for individual investors."
"Investment Account Manager makes it easy to consolidate financial asset holdings from various investment accounts."
"After reviewing several investment management software programs to manage my portfolios, this one is the best on the market, and I'm very happy I chose IAM. The program is simple and easy to use, yet powerful. Thank you IAM Team."
"IAM is a fantastic program! I just downloaded the Fidelity December statements; cleaned up all family accounts, imported fidelity transactions, and my year-end stuff is COMPLETE, and ACCURATE!! FANTASTIC!!"
"I've found IAM to be one of the best tools for managing accounts held at different brokers. IAM allows me to work with different accounts without having to switch between broker accounts, saving me a lot of time."
"Every time I use IAM I am glad I have it. I have so many accounts and different types of investments, I wouldn't be able to keep track of them without your program. You answer my questions quickly too. Thank you."
"It has been extremely helpful to me in managing portfolios tracking several investment advisories."
"I am an investment manager that recently retired, and I am now managing 16 family accounts. I find this program to be very helpful for both professional and family /personal use. An important advantage is how responsive and helpful the Quant IX employees are. I have benefited from this program in many ways for many years."
"I can't imagine not being able to use Investment Account Manager. It allows me to track my investments and consolidate all assets in one place. It's very easy to use and when I have the occasional question or problem, Matt or Pete are readily accessible for answers."
"Investment Account Manager is simply fabulous for someone like me who trades often and is trying to manage a 401K, brokerage account, etc. I should also mention that I am a former (up until I retired last year) Director of Financial Performance for a Fortune 500 company. I did a fairly thorough search of what was in the marketplace last spring before settling on your application. I bought three products and demoed several others. None came close to what you have developed. Feel free to use any of this if it could help."
"IAM helps me manage all my investment accounts, separately or in summary. It is valuable to keep tax related data. It gives me a good variety of reports on asset value, dividends, and investment transactions at a reasonable price."

Comprehensive Reporting: Investment Account Manager includes more than 50 professional reports summarizing your investments: current holdings, unrealized gains/losses, sold positions & realized gains/losses (tax filing), income received (tax filing), capital gain distributions, commissions paid, security allocation, portfolio diversification, portfolio cash flow projections, tax basis, performance measurements, asset maturity schedule, transactions ledger, and more...

"IAM is a terrific portfolio tool. The reports and online price updates are vital to investment performance and tax reporting."
"Investment Account Manager's reporting capabilities are a quantum leap from what you'll get with free internet services and brokerage accounts."
"IAM is a powerful program, with enough standard report features to satisfy almost any inquiry, and the flexibility and customization necessary to do almost anything else."
"Investment Account Manager provides not only a great way to track portfolios, but the reports provide excellent snapshots of performance and asset allocation which are invaluable in managing investments."
"We have been using it for several years and it helped to get accurate information on holdings. We like all the different reports it can make."
"I rely on IAM for my year-end data instead of plowing through brokerage statements."
"This program allows for the maintenance of my portfolio as I manage my own investments. Excellent reports are provided and essential when stocks are sold for cost basis analysis and reporting."
"Investment Account Manager is an excellent way to track your investment activities. Its dashboard layout and various reports help you to quickly assess a number of key portfolio management indicators."
"IAM has been my greatest asset in keeping my portfolio records well organized, timely, and so much easier to follow and understand."
"I really appreciate the power of your product now that I am starting to utilize more of the capabilities, especially with the portfolio analysis reports. Using your product, we are really starting to understand just what we own and how we can optimize. Keep up the good work."
"Investment Account Manager has simplified the tracking of my investments. Without it and it's reporting abilities, I would most likely have to use a full service brokerage firm to track my holdings and trades."

Tax Planning and Preparation: For some investors, organizing investment records for use in preparing income taxes can be an anxiety-ridden nightmare. Investment Account Manager dramatically improves your portfolio management and investment record keeping, making income tax filing a breeze. Once organized, you'll have the tax records and information in place to make smarter decisions...

"IAM has definitely saved me money on taxes by keeping a running record of my stock purchases. I have a lot of DRIP accounts and IAM definitely comes in handy when keeping track of these investments."
"I've been able to build a history of stock purchases made over forty years ago and establish a cost basis, which when I made those buys, I had no thought of cost basis and what it would mean to me later. It also enables me to handle splits and especially mergers with little difficulty. Without IAM, I would be lost on some mergers."
"Using IAM for managing my portfolio all year long makes tax time so much easier and less stressful."
"Investment Account Manager is, without a doubt, the best investment accounting management tool on the market today."
"IAM has worked well. Kept track of portfolio positions and kept me out of trouble with tax authorities. What more does one need?"
"I have been very pleased with IAM, it make tax preparation easier. And I can see how my portfolio is beating Wall Street."
"It sure is a good thing that I have used IAM over the years because I have discovered that my brokerage statements are not accurate. My broker reports the monthly transactions well enough but evidently does not record the details, resulting in inaccurate data on a cumulative basis. For example, the broker reports that I made $2,500 on one fund when it actually produced a $7,500 loss."
"I own stocks I've had for many years and I'd held them when dividends were reinvested. Once I put them into IAM I no longer had to concern myself about cost basis even though they are no longer being held in an account that reinvests the dividends. I can tell my tax account what my cost basis is even though Scottrade doesn't have the info."
"IAM is extremely helpful in tracking cost when making monthly purchases directly from companies and mutual funds. Ability to identify purchases sold or donated to charities is particularly helpful in determining cost when involves less than all shares owned."
"I have used IAM for years and would not be without it. It has solved many problems for me at tax time. I download my brokerage accounts at month end and can tell how I am doing and that everything balances. It helps me in so many ways that I am not aware of until I need it."
"IAM is used to track income and distributions as well as gains and losses to enable tax planning throughout the year."
"I am a longtime user of your investment software program. It is a very useful bit of software, and saves me tons of time at tax time each year. Thanks for the great support over the years, keep this good thing going."
"The Investment Account Manager is a powerful tool that has assisted me in managing my stocks and mutual funds in my buy and sell decisions since the 1990's. I depend on the sold assets report to prepare the Federal Form 1040 Schedule D. Many times I find the brokerage 1099 B to be inaccurate."
"I find Investment Account Manager very useful at tax time."
"Investment Account Manager has allowed me to prepare my taxes before I get my 1099 from the financial institution I trade with and it also gives me a way to check the 1099. I love the ability to download my account information and keep track of my accounts."
"IAM has made it easier to keep track of my investments, monitor their performance and gather information for preparing tax returns."
"My husband and I own stocks that we have held for over 50 years. As long as the continuing recent dividends, etc. is input into IAM, we can print out a history for tax purposes. Cost basis of stocks held for many years, then sold are calculated rather easily."
"Investment Account Manager is a powerful investment and tax preparation tool that is easy to use and understand."
"This tool is indispensable at tax time."
"IAM is great for tracking dividends and interest. I use it religiously for this purpose."
"Investment Account Manager is the best software that I have found for maintaining cost basis records for my stock portfolios."
"Investment Account Manager maintains the history and record that you absolutely must have when it comes to tax time and dealing with the IRS. I could not find any software that would do so as well."
"Investment Account Manager is the best portfolio manager to track capital gains, expenses and to track traditional and Roth IRAs for both myself and husband. IAM is easy to use and great support from company. Must download for 30 days to see how really great and flexible the software is. Would use no other. Reports display data in most detailed way."
"With some complex holdings from inherited stocks from two estates, later mergers , and reinvestment, the difficulty of tracking all those is much easier with IAM . It's particularly helpful in establishing the basis when we sell a stock."
"I find the Investment Account Manager a great help preparing my taxes."
"IAM has been the most comprehensive investment manager software that I have used. In addition to tracking/measuring investments, IAM makes it easy to communicate with my spouse - our financial position. As many of my investments use dividend reinvestment, IAM was a lifesaver at tax time."

Accurately Measure Portfolio Performance: Investment Account Manager properly measures all the investment flows required for measuring security and portfolio performance. Users can derive performance from inception, or custom date periods...

"Accurate investment performance information is critical for the individual investor to know how he/she is doing. Yet the financial services industry continues to make it difficult to obtain. IAM is the most professional of the software tools that provide this kind of information."
"IAM is very helpful in monitoring investment portfolios and comparing current year performance versus the S&P 500 index. Current year short- and long-term capital gains plus dividends and interest allow simple tax planning."
"Investment Account Manager is a great value. The ability to quickly calculate the performance of my portfolios in any combination and over any time period is awesome, and there are many useful reports for budgeting and tax planning."
"You have developed a truly great product that has helped me immensely with my investments and the understanding of my specific portfolio performance / characteristics."
"I just wanted to send a quick year-end note on Investment Account Manager. I am starting my third year using the product and it has helped me tremendously. When I was evaluating various products I did not see anything that could rival its features and price. Two years of use have confirmed this in my mind. It allows me to measure my returns across multiple time periods and keeps me from biasing my decisions based on one or two "winners" or "losers". The few times I have needed tech support I have spoken directly to someone that guided me through the fix very quickly and all my upgrades have been seamless. I look forward to using the product in 2009. Thanks again."
"The only way you really know how your portfolio is performing is by tracking the internal rate of return of your investments. IAM makes it easy to do that for individual stocks as well as your entire portfolio, especially if your investments are in more than one account."
"Investment Account Manager has helped me pay more attention to the investment holdings I have, and track their performance, versus all the normal paper reports I get."
"IAM gives me long term information on companies I own rather than my broker report that only talks about the last year or less time. They aren't really helpful at all. So thanks for IAM!"
"I use IAM to track my investment performance and net worth annually and to make annual decisions about assets in my portfolio. It's been very helpful with a minimal amount of work. It provides asset performance information (IRR) that many brokers are still not providing."

Ease of Use: Investment Account Manager is also easy to learn and use. Included throughout IAM is context sensitive help for quick reference to feature-specific help, plus a detailed index with a listing of all IAM help topics...

"After trying the demo version of IAM on several portfolios for the last 3 weeks, I am going to buy it. I found the program easy to learn and friendly. The reports are clear and easy to use/understand but yet powerful. When I had questions, technical support answered the phone and gave me a clear answer. When I had a difficult issue, they immediately put me in-touch with the developer and the issue was resolved in a day. It is good to know that some firms still strive for customer satisfaction and reach that goal. I would recommend this software."
"IAM is the best and easiest way I know of keeping track of activities and one's portfolio."
"If you are a beginner in investing, this program is user friendly and a good investing program."
"Investment Account Manager allows me to feel confident about tracking my investment transactions and reconciling my accounts. I LOVE this program."
"I truly love IAM. IAM has helped tremendously with any merger, spinoffs or splits that have occurred. IAM also has helped me track my total portfolio income and budgets from my various brokerage accounts. Ii can easily see where the cash is located for withdrawals and where best to take it from. Everything is in one place and backed up on my c drive, flash drive and external drive so when my computer crashes - all's well! I reconcile my brokerage accounts with IAM monthly on the weekend when the markets are closed. It only takes a few minutes but then I know everything is correct before things get out of whack! Tech support has always been there for me, I'm not a computer guy but they work me through my problems."
"Investment Account Manager is very easy to use with many useful reports and tools. It's a great way to keep track of investments, especially if they are spread across multiple accounts."
"User friendly, good technical support, very useful features."
"Investment Account Manager is by far the best portfolio management software I've found. Data input and maintenance is easy relative to the capabilities provided. The reports are well thought out. Technical support is outstanding."
"I tried several "Name Brand" on-line investment tools. I found them disappointing. I far prefer working through my broker and my certified financial planner than risking my hard earned money on an Internet discount broker. IAM gives me the information that allows me to have meaningful and productive conversations with my broker and planner. Basic and straightforward information I can use. Keep up the good work."
"I have been using Investment Account Manager (IAM) to track all my securities that I purchase on monthly basis. I find the interface very clean and data entry is extremely simple. The software is inexpensive and I do not believe there is anything like it on the market. I highly recommended it."

Outstanding Technical Support: The developers of Investment Account Manager prioritize our goal of helping customers. Our goal is for IAM to be useful 'software', not 'shelf-ware' that collects dust! We offer prompt, reliable support — either by voice, or email...

"Awesome support. If can't find the answer to a question, it's a great relief to know that I can call and instantly speak to one of the brothers who write the program. That's huge in today's world and in regards to something so important. I have used the program for years and love how it works. You are always improving it. Started out in the old days keeping track of stock purchases by hand - so much easier with IAM."
"This is a very fine financial tool which allows the individual to manage his or her own investments. Program support is excellent."
"I have to say I really think your support is outstanding. Thanks for responding so quickly, and, even on a Sunday. IAM is a great product."
"I have been using IAM for over 10 years to help keep track of my 3 different stock portfolios. All the information that this software program provides is extremely timely, useful, and concise. The developers of IAM have always been very helpful whenever I needed assistance. They have answered my emails almost immediately - and even on the weekends. Where else can you get that kind of service in this day and time? I know they have many businesses and other clients that are much more important for their business than an 81 year old grandmother. Kudos and praises to a software company that cares about their customers."
"I have used your product for many years and it's the great user support that keeps me coming back."
"I cannot see managing our portfolios without this program!! Also tech support is insanely excellent!!"
"I am not noted for throwing complements around but I have to say, you people are the best. I have used IAM for about a year. This is an excellent program and very reasonably priced. I have been especially impressed by the prompt and accurate support, a rarity."
"I'm so pleased to have IAM, and I use it zealously to record and track our investments. And I'm just as pleased with the excellent customer service! Thanks!"
"Thanks for your always prompt answers! When I'm working on my investment accounts and get stuck, to have to wait a couple of days for an answer would be frustrating and anxiety producing. You've been there with prompt answers so I can keep moving ahead. Your turn-around time answering questions is a model for all other companies. Keep up the fantastic work!"
"Absolutely first-rate, timely service when I have a problem."
"I am abundantly pleased with IAM and especially the technical help you provide to me."
"The program is great and so is the tech support. I've used IAM for many years. When I have encountered the occasional problem, the tech support has always been incredibly responsive and helpful."
"Many thanks for the quick response! You were correct and the steps you gave me resolved the issue. Your help is most appreciated, as is your program. I have been a user for quite some time and have been very impressed with it. I was using it before it became Investment Account Manager and am still quite impressed with it. Again, thank you very much for your quick response and your support."
"Thanks again for a great program and stellar tech support."
"Thanks for developing an outstanding software program that is user friendly and features that you back up with real support."
"I've used your program for many years and you've always been great in responding to any problems I've encountered. Thanks for providing such an excellent product for individual investors!"
"The customer service is excellent -- if I have a question regardless of what day it is -- I just e-mail the question and I get an immediate answer!"
"Just wanted to say how much I believe this program is helping me with all the various aspects of investing. You guys put together a great program! I would also like to say that your customer service easily rates five plus stars. Can't tell you how impressive your helpful and timely responses have been in helping me understand and enjoy your products."
"Excellent support, great investment tracking program for the money."
"This is a well thought out program that will provide good portfolio tracking and control. Additionally the support provided on specific issues has been excellent."

Longevity: We've been developing related versions of IAM since the mid 80s. Our first version operated on CPM systems, then DOS, and thru all current versions of Windows. We've seen competitors come and go...

"I have used IAM for years because it's a great product, and the few times I had problems, provided me with excellent & timely user support!"
"Thanks for the immediate response. Have used the program and its predecessors for over 10 years and love it."
"Thank you for your prompt response. I did not realize how long I have used your software until I was looking through emails from you. You have been a great help in my investing life and could not have done it without you. Keep up the great work!"
"I think that I am a charter member/user of this program with all of its revisions and improvements. I used it both for myself and professionally as a Registered Investment Advisor/ Registered Representative (Independent Stock Broker)and as President & CEO of an Investment Management Co. and found it to be the best program on the market. Technical Help, etc. was extraordinary!" "Investment Account Manager has been an outstanding portfolio management program for the 20 years or more that I have used it."
"For many years I have used Portfolio Record Keeper and now Investment Account Manager. It has been a tremendous one stop resource for all my transactions, especially helpful at tax time, and kept me focused on returns and Portfolio allocation."
"I have used it for many, many years... nuff said."
"I've used this software for years and it has been a god send for keeping a very complex portfolio of market and illiquid investments organized."
"I have used the program as an investment manager for fee and to manage my personal investments since the mid 1990's. The detail to updates gives users a comfort and certainty with the program."
"I have used IAM for over 10 years to manage my investment portfolios. IAM is indispensable for keeping accounts and keeping score."
"Investment Account Manager has been always the very best for tracking and helping in selecting the appropriate investment "instruments". I have been using this program and its upgrades for many years and I am thankful that it has helped me to be a very successful investor."
"IAM and I have been together for a very long time. I own a Bettinardi putter that I have also had for a very long time. Choose your financial program with much care and study. If you do, you will be able to engage your putter well and often!"
"I first bought your system some 20 years ago. Congratulations on your continued success."
"I've used this software since bout 2004 and I find it to be the best out there for what I need. I really think your software is great."
"I've used IAM for many years and before that PRK. It's great!"
"I have been a loyal user since version 1 almost 20 years ago!"
"IAM is a winning program that I have employed for over 20 years to keep track of my brokerage investments. I've tried other portfolio management programs and have concluded that IAM is the best."
"I have been using IAM for more years than I can remember and credit it with providing a critical component of the tool kit to help me build a more than comfortable retirement."
"I have used this tool for 20 years and happily recommend it to others."
"Love the Program. I think I have been using it for 15 years and maybe 20."
"Thanks for creating such an excellent and enduring product. I'm a complete fan and, if I last that long, want to be able to continue tracking investment transactions with your product for another 20+ years."
"IAM has been a Great Tool for many years... Thanks!"
"I've been using IAM for years, and I like the strong reporting features, and the ability to directly download my broker trade/income information directly into the program."
"I've used IAM and its predecessors since the 3.5-inch floppy disks (20 years, more?). I would not have been able to keep such detailed records of long-term investments without a tool like IAM. The reports and dashboard summary displays are a great byproduct to understanding my investment allocations and performance."
"I have used the Investment Manager and its predecessor programs for about 25 years and wouldn't be without it."
"I've used your software since you had the old DOS 1.0 version with NAIC. I use it to record every transaction in my portfolios. Then I monitor my overall asset allocation closely. The addition of asset allocation reports was one of your best upgrades to the program. Thanks for the help."
"I have used IAM for many years and am delighted the program is so easy to use. It does everything I need for accurate portfolio management. And if by chance you need help with the program, Matt and Pete Willms will usually answer the phone and will help you through the problem. That's SERVICE!!!!!!!! Thank you."
"I have been using Investment Account Manager for years!! So easy to enter information and keep track of all my different statements. Couldn't live without it!!!!!"
"I have been using IAM and its predecessors for decades and it is by far the best product of its type and it keeps getting better. The customer support is outstanding, too. It saves me tons of time at tax time and when calculating investment performance. It is unequaled in features and convenience."
"I have used PRK & IAM for over a decade. Support is very good, and prompt as well!"
"Thank you for longevity...for being there over the many, many years, and for the super individual support."

In Comparison To Quicken: Our customers, as well as independent reviewers, have chosen Investment Account Manager over Quicken...

"I feel IAM far outstrips "Quicken" and others in managing my portfolios and security data."
"I've used (and still use) Quicken for years but it just doesn't have functionality that IAM has to give a true IRR for a portfolio over various time periods."
"Investment Account Manager allows me to easily manage and keep track of my investments - adding dividends, adding purchases or sales, splits. Once I had a split that also provided a cash distribution for the fractional share. IAM handled it perfectly and Quicken couldn't do it right! I also like the portfolio home page where it shows the gain/loss, percent of portfolio."
"Investment Account Manager is much more accurate and works much better than Quicken which I was using before. IAM is better polished than others and your help is top notch."
"I used Microsoft Money & Quicken previously and greatly prefer IAM."
"For my needs I find it superior to Quicken!"
"Thank you for an excellent portfolio tool. Investment Account Manager is a fabulous product."
"IAM is a very nice piece of software. It seems to be producing what I am looking for and is much, much, much better than Quicken. Your advice in getting my multiple mutual fund providers correctly set up was appreciated and works. Thanks again."
"This program has a lot of great features for managing and analyzing your portfolio, especially in relation to a program like Quicken. It goes much deeper in portfolio analysis than Quicken."
"IAM is much more reliable than Quicken - or for that - matter any other affordable portfolio manager. Matt and Pete, the owners of the company, are quick to respond to necessary or recommended changes."
"I have been Using IAM since it first came out. Really like the ability to download transactions from Schwab. I have junked Quicken and all its problems. Great job with IAM - love it."
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